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LCD Makers Form Trade Group, 3LCD

Looking to better communicate and promote the benefits of LCD rear-projection microdisplay television technology as competing technologies, including DLP and LCoS, make market advances, six LCD television manufacturers have launched a promotional association called the 3LCD Group.

John Lang, president and CEO of Epson America, whose parent company is one the largest producers of LCD panels for video projector applications, spoke at a CES press conference introducing the group. He said the association is charged with releasing information on the latest advances and achievements in the LCD projection television field.

“Our goal is to maximize awareness and understanding about our next-generation technologies,” Lang said.

3LCD Group members include Epson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sanyo and Sony.

Jointly, the companies are producing a new Web site at The site will communicate the benefits of the technology, while describing with text and illustrations how the technology works. Also included will be a product showcase and postings of the latest news and announcements.

The group will also produce brochures and ads to reinforce 3LCD’s benefits message.

In a move akin to Intel’s “Intel Inside” CPU branding efforts on personal computers, the 3LCD Group has developed a new logo which will be displayed prominently on 3LCD products marketed by participating companies, as well as in marketing materials.

“When you see the logo, you will know you are getting what we believe is the very best advanced microdisplay technology,” Lang said.

“Along with the explosion of high-resolution digital video formats, like DVD and HDTV, there has been a huge demand for front projectors and large-screen TVs,” said Lang. “But now, other technologies are in the marketplace, and dealers and consumers are inundated with messages. There are so many technologies in the market that it has caused confusion.”

Lang explained that LCD was the original microdisplay technology, and it continues to evolve and improve for both consumer and professional video projection applications.

“3LCD was the first microdisplay technology to deliver HD resolution projectors,” Lang said. “Now native 1080p resolution is available from 3LCD, not interpolated resolution, but one honest pixel on the chip for every pixel on the screen.

“We are breaking new ground for performance and value. It is not your father’s LCD,” he said.

In explaining the group’s name, Lang pointed out that “every major microdisplay technology achieves better picture quality by using a three-imager design. Some technologies reserve this design only for their most expensive products. But 3LCD’s high image quality is used across every segment, from entry level products to the highest performance displays.

“Because 3LCD displays three, full-time red, green and blue images simultaneously, there is no color breakup or rainbow effect to strain the eyes,” he continued. “It can create up to 68.7 billion displayable colors.”

3LCD technology is featured in more than 250 current products available globally, the group said. Models range from several of the world’s highest performing HDTVs to advanced business projectors.

Lang cited a Pacific Media Associates report showing 3LCD with a 65 percent worldwide market share and over 9 million 3LCD projection engines being sold to date.