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LaCie Introduces HD Media Player Pair

Hillsboro, Ore. — LaCie introduced Wednesday a pair of wireless HD media players — the LaCinema Black Play and LaCinema Black Record — to enable playing large collections of digital multimedia files on HDTV sets.

The LaCinema Black Play and Record were crafted by noted designer Neil Poulton and enable using a direct

network connection, or built-in Wi-Fi connection, to store music, movies and photos on internal hard drives from any computer on the local network.

A built-in universal plug-and-lay client player rapidly accesses media content from a networked PC or Mac located anywhere in the home.

The LaCinema Black models are available through the LaCie online store or LaCie resellers with storage capacities of 500GBs and 1TB, respectively. Suggested retails start at $430.

The LaCinema Black Play and Record will access downloaded HD movies and television programs directly on the television and will decode 1080p resolution movies, and HD JPEG photos. Standard-definition source material can be up-scaled to 1080i resolution.

Both units will also output surround sound through an optical audio connection.

With the help of an intuitive user interface, users can easily browse their media, creating photo slideshows or music playlists with the touch of a button.

LaCinema Black products also come with a parental control feature to password-protect files.

The LaCinema Black Record adds the capabilities of a DVR to record, pause and rewind TV shows with the support of a connected set-top box or cable converter.

USB ports are added for peripherals to expand the capacity or to hookup source components such as digital cameras.

“Now that families are beginning to consume masses of digital content, they need a multimedia device that will allow them to easily store and play their favorite content right from their existing home entertainment center,” stated Patrick Salin, LaCie multimedia business unit manager. “With LaCinema Black products, users can access media over their network, listen to music, sort photos, record TV programs and ultimately get the desired experience from their media collection — all from one product.”