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La-Z-Boy Remotes On The Way

New York —La-Z-Boy, the venerable 75-year-old furniture brand best known for lounge chairs, will appear on a line of universal remote controls due in the fourth quarter.

Four models are slated for the initial rollout of the La-Z-Boy Home Theater Series of universal remote controls being marketed by Elexa USA.

At the top of the line, the LZ6200 LED touchscreen model allows control of up to 10 home theater devices via IR commands. It features six smart keys for one-touch multifunction control and nine hard keys for most-used features.

The LZ6200 can be programmed by manual code entry with code search, by a learning function, or online via a USB interface with a 226-command capability. There is access to more than 4,500 codes in the pre-programmed library and on the company’s Web site-based library, according to the company.

It has rubberized grip areas along the sides and back. A rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery pack and charging stand are included. It also has as an RF-controlled “find” feature for instances when the remote is misplaced.

It will have a suggested retail of $159.

Also at $159 is a 16-in-one model, the LZ6220, featuring a touch-sensitive back-lit keypad, six programmable smart keys and nine hard keys. It has a learning capability of 100 codes.

A step-down 10-in-one touchscreen model, the LZ6152, has three smart keys and nine hard keys for $119.

Already on the market is the $29 LZ6100 Mega, an eight-in-one model with extra large function keys and graphics..