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Krell Co-Owner Roumanis Dead

Orange, Conn. — Dean Roumanis, COOand part owner of Krell Industries, passed away Sunday at the age of 52 of a heart attack.

Roumanis lived in Hamden, Conn., and is survived by his wife Sally, son Nate and daughter Leah.

“We mourn the passing of Dean Roumanis, long-time friend and business partner,” said Krell CEO Dan D’Agostino. “He was a wonderful man with a positive outlook on life — full of energy and vision. Dean brought that positive outlook to Krell. He dealt with challenges with forethought and vision and a highly developed sense of integrity and compassion. A fine recording engineer and musician in his own right, he was the kind of man you wanted to be around. Family man, lover of life, connoisseur of music and high-end audio, we will miss him immensely.”

Roumanis began his career at Krell in 1986 and was pivotal in planning and implementing new methodologies and disciplines in manufacturing, the company said.

Roumanis played double bass in the contemporary Jazz band Acoustic Suburbanites, which that released the album Watercolors in the spring of 2005. Dean was also an accomplished piano and drum player.

Early in his career Roumanis was an analog recording engineer and founder of Roumanis Recording. He recorded albums for such artists as pianist Richie Bierach, bassist George Mraz, saxophonists Roscoe Mitchell and Gerald Oshita, and legendary pianist Dr. John.