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Konica Minolta Intros Second d-SLR

Mahwah, N.J. — Konica Minolta expanded its digital SLR lineup with a new, lower-cost model and introduced its first consumer point-and-shoot model to ship with a docking station.

The new Maxxum 5D will join the company’s existing Maxxum 7D on the market as the company broadens its d-SLR portfolio to compete against Canon’s Rebel and Nikon’s D-series sub-$1,000 models. The 6-megapixel 5D will retail for an estimated $899.99 with an 18mm-70mm DT lens.

Like its predecessor, the 5D features built-in anti-shake technology that physically “shifts” the CCD to prevent blurry photos caused by hand shaking or longer exposures. However the 5D will be 22 percent smaller in volume than its predecessor, employing a glass fiber plastic body.

Additional features include a 2.5-inch LCD, the company’s CxProcess III image processing technology, PictBridge compatibility, and automatic and manual controls. It uses CompactFlash memory cards.

As for speed, the camera can snap up to 30 frames at a speed of roughly 3 frames per second (fps) in JPEG Fine mode.

For point-and-shooters, Konica Minolta introduced its first X-series model with anti-shake technology and a docking cradle for battery charging and file transferring. The cradle, which is included, allows the new DiMAGE X1’s 2/5-inch LCD screen to double as a digital photo frame when the camera is docked and powered on.

The camera’s LCD also offers a backlight function and a protective acrylic covering.

The 8-megapixel X1 features a newly designed optical system that allows its 3x optical zoom “non-protruding” lens to work with the company’s CCD shifting anti-shake technology.

The camera offers an auto macro mode and a super macro mode for focusing on subjects as close as 2-inches, PictBridge compatibility and the ability to capture VGA resolution movies at 20 fps to the length of an SD card. The camera can optically zoom during video recording and features a night movie mode for shooting in dimly lit settings.

The X1 will retail for an estimated $399.99.