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Kodak Sheds Slide Film Business

Rochester, N.Y. – In addition to giving up camera hardware,
licensing off its digital patents, and dumping Kodachrome film,

Eastman Kodak

said it will now abandoned the remainder
of its slide film business, ceding the category to rival Fujifilm.

Kodak, which ditched the legendary Kodachrome slide film in 2009,
said it will stop the production of its other color reversal films once
inventories of Ektachrome E100G, E100VS and Elite Chrome Extra Color are
depleted. That is expected to take six to nine months, the company said.

Kodak will, however, continue to produce E-6 processing
chemicals. Kodak cited declining demand and complex manufacturing issues as
reasons for its decision.

Today, slide film is largely a niche business relegated to
professionals and advanced hobbyists still working with film equipment.

Kodak has been jettisoning portions of its iconic photographic
businesses in recent months as it attempts to restructure under federal
bankruptcy protection. It has already announced the discontinuation of its
consumer camera hardware business, and recently sold its Kodak Gallery online
photo-products business to rival Shutterfly.