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Kodak, Sanyo Show OLED Display

Chiba, Japan – Eastman Kodak and Sanyo Electric demonstrated at the CEATEC Show here a prototype full-color 15-inch flat-panel TV display, based on Kodak’s patented organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

The active-matrix OLED display features, 1280 by 720 (HDTV) resolution; a display area of 326.4 x 183.6 mm; and a brightness that said is said to “rival the best active-matrix LCD monitors.”

“This demonstration underscores the extendibility of our organic display technology to larger sizes and broader consumer applications, including television,” said Leslie Polgar, the president of Kodak’s Display Products business. “The visual impact of this 15-inch display is already at the level of recently commercialized LCD-TFT televisions, which bodes well for moving OLED displays beyond smaller consumer devices and into laptop computers and TVs.”

Organic light-emitting diode displays offer bright, full-motion images that are viewable from a very wide angle.

The displays are based on organic thin-film materials that emit light when stimulated by an electric charge. The technology is said to produce higher contrast in most lighting conditions than conventional displays, faster response time for the support of streaming video, a super thin screen design and a 165 degree viewing angle.

The two companies formed SK Display Corporation last December as a global join venture manufacturing operation of OLED displays for consumer devices.