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Kodak Reshuffles Management Deck

Rochester, N.Y. – Kodak moved pieces around its management chessboard today as part of the company’s realignment effort announced to its investors in September.

The changes involve the Digital & Film Imaging Systems Group, the business unit that accounts for about 70 percent of the company’s revenue and is lead by former Hewlett Packard executive Bernard Masson. The company created seven product and service sub-groups that will be placed under the Digital & Film Imaging Systems Group and whose newly named general managers will report to Masson.

The seven groups include Home Printing headed by another former HP executive, Richard Stearns, where he will oversee Kodak’s development of home-printing products.

The Consumer Output group will be lead by Kent McNeley, who remains in charge of retail services, camera phone printing, wholesale printing; the Picture Center Online services, and Picture Maker kiosks. John Blake heads the Professional Output division and will continue to lead Kodak’s pro studio and lab solutions, the paper and chemical product platforms, the support and service organization and event imaging.

Mary Jane Hellyar will lead the Film Capture group and remains in charge of Kodak’s professional and consumer films, single-use cameras and film cameras. Gregory Westbrook will head the Digital Capture division responsible for consumer and professional digital still cameras, memory and all digital camera accessories. Westbrook will collaborate with Yusuke Kojima, general manager, worldwide digital camera and system development. Kojima will oversee product development for the digital camera business.

Entertainment Imaging will be lead by Eric Rodli, who remains in his role as president of this operation. Digital Imaging Services will be lead by Lisa Gansky, president and co-founder of Ofoto. This new operation will concentrate on online, mobile imaging and software services, including the Ofoto service.

Finally, Pierre Schaeffer, has been named director of business strategy and marketing services. Previously, Schaeffer was chief marketing officer for Digital & Applied Imaging, where he launched the company’s EasyShare brand. Michael Korizno has been named general manager of worldwide digital sales.