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Kodak Pitches Creation Software For Retail Photo Merchandise Creation

UPDATE! Rochester, N.Y. — Kodak has released its Custom Creations software as a free download on its Web site, the company said yesterday.

The software, previewed at the Photo Marketing Association trade show in February, lets consumers make a variety of photo merchandise items, save those items to a CD of flash-memory card/USB drive and bring it into retail where the files are turned into output.

More than 26,000 retail stores will support turning Creations files into photo merchandise such as photo books, calendars, mugs and t-shirts, Kodak said. Initially, only Kodak’s wholesale subsidiary Qualex will fulfill Creations orders, a spokesperson said. Later, retailers with Kodak processing equipment or consumables on site will be able to produce Creations output.

The Creation files created by consumers will be encrypted with a code that only Kodak retail partners can access.

The software supports real-time, 3-D viewing of a product on a computer screen. Consumers can manually select images to use in photo merchandise or have the software select for them.