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Kodak Makes Sensor Technology Advance

Rochester, N.Y. — Kodak today introduced what it is calling a major breakthrough in image-sensor technology that increases its sensitivity to light.

The as yet unnamed technology could increase a sensors ability to perceive light by up to four times. This would greatly eliminate the need for a flash when photographing in dark environments.

The proprietary technology works this way, said Kodak. Currently, a digital camera’s sensor only picks up red, green and blue light pixels. Half of the sensors are used to see the green light and the remainder evenly split between gathering light from the other two colors. The new system adds a fourth, clear, pixel capable of picking up light from all wavelengths of visible light.

Kodak said this enhances the cameras ability to collect the ambient light available. Kodak has mated this sensor technology with new software that will also enable faster shutter speeds and higher resolution.

The first CMOS and CCD sensors using the new technology will become available in sample quantities early in 2008.