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Kodak CEO Carp Steps Down

Rochester, N.Y. — Daniel Carp, chairman/CEO, Kodak announced that he will retire on Jan. 1, concluding 35 years with the company. Kodak’s board has named current president/COO Antonio M. Perez to the post of CEO effective June 1.

Carp joined Kodak in 1970 as a statistical analyst. He became president/COO of Kodak in January 1997, and was elected to the company’s board in December of that year. He was promoted to CEO in January 2000 and chairman in December 2000.

“It has been an honor to lead this great company through a time of unprecedented change,” Carp said in a statement announcing his retirement. “I am proud of the progress made by Kodak people, and I am proud of the management team that we have assembled to lead us into digital markets.”

Perez, a 25-year veteran of Hewlett-Packard’s inkjet printer business, joined Kodak in April 2003. He is 59 years old.

In a statement announcing his promotion, Perez said he would continue the “hard work” begun by the board and Carp in transforming the film giant to a more nimble digital competitor.