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Kodak Ad Under Fire

New York – Hewlett-Packard has challenged a Kodak advertising campaign through the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
HP has asked the NAD to investigate a claim Kodak is making that a consumer will save an average of $110 annually on ink by switching to Kodak ink and printers.
The NAD said it asked Kodak to substantiate its claims, but the company declined. The NAD is the advertising industry’s self-regulatory form.
In response to Kodak’s decision, the NAD has referred the issue to the Federal Trade Commission.
Kodak defended its decision stating,” We feel that our inkjet printer advertising claims are accurate and well substantiated. Our claims are backed by thorough data and testing by independent third parties, information that is widely available to the public online at”

In addition, Kodak claimed HP complaint is an attempt to distract the company.

“Given today’s economic climate, instead of arguing over advertising claims, which have been accurately communicated and thoroughly substantiated, it would be more meaningful to consumers for HP to simply begin offering reasonably priced ink,” the company said.