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Klipsch Teams With Shopatron In E-Commerce Alliance

Indianapolis –
Klipsch has begun selling the
Klipsch-brand audio lineup through its


, but the company teamed up with Shopatron
so that authorized dealers fulfill consumers’ orders and make a margin on the
sale, Klipsch said.

Klipsch is the latest CE supplier
to team with Shopatron to develop such a program.

Dealers who
fulfill orders placed
through Klipsch’s website make their standard margin, minus a small fee that they
pay to Shopatron for the lead, Klipsch Group marketing director Jill Escol
explained. Consumers can have the product shipped to them by the dealer or choose
to pick up the product at the dealer’s location, she said.

The company
previously sold only its headphones, iPod docks and computer speakers through its site.


, which calls itself a

retail-integrated eCommerce solution

provider, said its
program “eliminates channel conflict, builds retailer
relationships, grows distribution and increases overall sales for the brand.”

 Through the Klipsch site, consumers get full
access to information on all Klipsch products, including specifications, user
manuals and product images, Klipsch said. The site also includes how-to’s on getting the
most out of a speaker system, a live chat for product questions, product reviews by consumers and
professionals, links to product videos, and integration with Klipsch’s social-media

 “Shopatron’s design team
helped make the site both beautiful and easy to use, while Shopatron’s
retail-integrated model allows us to continue to support our retailers through
dealer fulfillment,” said Ric Starost, Klipsch’s eCommerce and web marketing manager.