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Klipsch Speaker Line Includes Apple AirPlay

LAS VEGAS – Klipsch
came to CES to tout a new series of speakers that includes powered models
equipped with Wi-Fi and Apple’s AirPlay technology.

 The Gallery series also features cosmetically
similar passive speakers for home theater use.

The series
will be available for purchase in the spring and summer at select Klipsch
retailers and Prices were unavailable.

All Gallery
models feature proprietary Tractrix Horn technology to deliver extended
high-frequency response and constant directivity for what Klipsch called “a
live soundstage experience.”  All are
also promoted as delivering deep bass and wide dynamic range unlike similarly
sized competitors.

In addition,
all models feature a high-gloss black finish designed with modern décor in
mind, and all feature a small footprint.

Gallery consists of seven speakers. Four are slim, passive models dubbed the G-12,
G-16, G-28 and G-42 to indicate their height. Each can be used as a left,
center, right or surround speaker.  Three
wireless powered speakers, dubbed new-media speakers, are the Gallery Studio,
Forum and Arena.

Apple’s AirPlay technology
enables home audio products to select and stream protected and unprotected
songs via Wi-Fi or Ethernet directly from a PC’s iTunes application. Playback
can be controlled remotely from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi.  AirPlay-enabled home audio products also stream
music directly from iPads, iPods, and iPhones via Wi-Fi.

 “These passive and powered app-enabled
products are a true manifestation of how audio and video content will be
enjoyed in the future,” said Paul Jacobs, Klipsch Group president. He called the
products “transformative” and said they represent “not only the blurring of
lines between whole-house audio, music, home theater, gaming and computing,”
but the series also delivers on the promise of simple plug-and-play technology.