Klipsch, Alienware In Speaker Deal


Indianapolis - Home-speaker maker Klipsch, which has offered desktop PC speakers for about a decade, is entering the market for embedded laptop speakers with the planned launch by Alienware of a series of gaming laptops

The deal with Dell subsidiary Alienware isn't Klipsch's first OEM speaker deal with a computer maker, a spokesperson told TWICE. In the past, Klipsch has offered Klipsch-branded speakers that Hewlett-Packard and Compaq bundled with their desktop speakers.

The first Alienware laptop with Klipsch speakers is the M17x, the company's first 3D-capable gaming laptop. It will be available in March at $1,499.

Klipsch said the speakers would "give gamers sound quality superior to anything they've ever heard in a built-in laptop speakers."

The company said its current THX-certified ProMedia 2.1 speaker system has been the "de facto speakers in the gaming community."


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