Klipsch Adopts New Strategy For Jamo, Mirage Brands


Indianapolis - Klipsch Group is implementing a new go-to-market strategy for its Jamo and Mirage speaker brands to accelerate Jamo product development and reposition Mirage as a Jamo adjunct series focused on application-specific speakers, said Klipsch Group CEO Paul Jacobs.

Klipsch will also merge the brands' dealer bases.

  The efforts will bolster both brands' market share in North America and globally, Jacobs said. Some of the first North American products developed under the new strategy will be shown at the CEDIA Expo in sample form, he added.

  To accelerate Jamo product development, the company is closing Jamo's two-person R&D facility in Denmark to "bring the full resources" of Klipsch's near-30-person state-of-the-art R&D facility in Indianapolis to the brand, Jacobs said. All of Jamo's industrial design, however, will remain in Denmark to maintain the brand's distinctive cosmetics. "You'll see a lot more visionary innovative products coming faster from Jamo," Jacobs promised.

  For its part, Mirage will leverage Jamo's stronger distribution, particularly in markets outside North America, while offering products clearly differentiated from Jamo's, Jacobs said. Jamo will continue to focus on direct-radiating speakers, while Mirage will continue to offer its signature omnipolar driver design. Mirage will also focus on bringing omnipolar technology to application-specific "form-follows-function" speakers, such as a planned SKU that will be displayed at the Expo and do triple-duty as a floorstanding, wall-mount or ceiling-mount speaker, Jacobs said.

 Jamo will also offer a greater breadth of products than Mirage, he added.

  The two brands will maintain a "totally different approach in technology and form factor," Jacobs promised. Neither brand will share core differentiating technologies, though they will share other engineering resources, he said.

  Besides sharing some engineering resources, the two brands will share distribution. Both brands previously had separate dealer agreements, but they will be replaced over the next 90 days with one dealer agreement. In general, Jamo dealers will become Mirage dealers and vice versa as long as the change doesn't create channel conflict in a market, Jacobs said. "We'll deal with that [channel conflict] first," he said.

 At the CEDIA Expo, Klipsch will outline its product roadmap for both brands, show samples of new products, and by January's International CES, "be in full stride," Jacobs said. Jamo products on display at the Expo will include active, freestanding speakers incorporating wireless-RF technology to stream music.

 Also as part of the brand strategy, Glen Fuller assumed the role of lead product designer for the Jamo brand. He has more than 20 years of product design experience.

  In other changes, Jamo is relocating its EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) office to Paris to provide "a centralized hub for direct sales opportunities, the brand's first dedicated showroom and training facility, and improved channel management," a Klipsch statement said.


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