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Klipsch Adds $599 5.1 Speaker Package

Indianapolis – Klipsch replaced a 5.1 home-theater speaker package in its budget-friendly HD Theater line with a new model that offers upgraded performance and new cosmetics.

 The $599-suggested HD Theater 600 replaces the HD Theater 500 and joins the $399-suggested HD Theater 300. The series’ top-end HD Theater 1000 is no longer available, and Klipsch said it has “no plans to comment on at the moment” regarding a replacement.

 The 600 features a redesigned 8-inch 100-watt ported downfiring subwoofer with new circuitry that delivers deeper and tighter bass, particularly at higher outputs, the company said. The 2.5-inch woofers in the two-way speakers sport a new design to reduce driver breakup and increased excursion to provide additional midbass output, the company continued. And 0.75-inch aluminum-dome tweeters in the two-way satellite speakers and center channel use Klipsch MicroTractrix horns to increase output.

The sub features switchable 0/180-degree phase switch and variable crossover point from 60Hz to 200Hz.

 Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs said the system delivers the company’s sonic signature in an affordable package.

 Each satellite speaker can be positioned horizontally or vertically with the help of adjustable wall brackets that provide a 40-degree range of motion. Threaded inserts allow for optional floor-stand mounting. The center channel includes a tilting cradle base with 45-degree range of motion.
 Recommend amp power for the satellites is up to 100 watts per channel, and they deliver 150Hz to 20kHz response from their 6-inch by 3.6-inch by 3.85-inch cabinets. The center channel is 3.6 inches by 9 inches by 3.85 inches, and the sub is 14 inches by 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches.

 Maximum acoustic output is 112dB.