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Klegg Adds NetDisk Line

Las Vegas — Klegg Electronics, a supplier of IT-based consumer electronics products, said it has signed a master distribution and strategic alliance agreement with Fremont, Calif.-based Ximeta.

Under the agreement, Klegg will acquire the NetDisk product line, which it intends to sell to existing NetDisk customers and new accounts.

Ximeta’s NetDisk product line features NDAS technology, which stores data directly to local area networks without the need for a PC.

A NetDisk can attach directly to a switch or home router, allowing every computer and NDAS-enabled device in an office or home to access data at speeds of up to 10 times faster than that of other network-attached storage devices, Klegg explained.

Users are required only to install drivers on a system and the NetDisk appears as a local hard drive on the PC, as well as on all other configured devices on the network.

Klegg said the acquisition will allow users of its Media Center TVs to easily save recorded TV, movies, music and media directly to a Klegg NetDisk on the network.

Users of both devices will have access to unlimited storage space, since additional NetDisk drives can continually be aggregated for virtually unlimited storage, the company said.

The NetDisk will also allow several Media Center TVs to be networked together to share a common pool of media.

Ximeta launched its NetDisk product line in 2004 through such accounts as Fry’s, Circuit City, Best Buy and Office Depot.

Klegg said Ximeta generated over $3.5 million in U.S. sales for the NetDisk product.

Based on current orders that Klegg is now responsible for fulfilling, Klegg expects to generate more than $5 million in sales by year end from the NetDisk product itself.

Klegg will also begin using these pre-established vendor relationships to market the current Klegg Genesis product line.

As part of the deal, Klegg said it will integrate NDAS technology into its existing product line, and will work with Ximeta to introduce new NDAS-enabled products into the market.

Though Klegg will be responsible for the sales, marketing and manufacturing of the NetDisk products, they will continue to purchase the actual NDAS chipset directly from Ximeta.