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KiSS Technologies Unveils DivX-capable DVD Player

Indian Wells, Calif.  — DivX Networks announced that KiSS Technology, a Hoersholm, Denmark-based consumer electronics manufacturer, has agreed to develop a DivX-certified DVD player optimized for the high-resolution HDTV playback of DivX video files.

The company demonstrated DivX-certified DVD players to retailers at the RetailVision North America show, here.

The DivX DVD player, model DP-1500, will have the ability to play back “high-resolution DivX videos optimized for HDTVs,” the company said. The player will enable DivX users to archive high-definition broadcast content on their PCs before burning files to recordable DVDs. Users will then be able to playback DivX video, which has been encoded from high-definition, on high-definition television displays.

The KiSS DVD player will also support playback of all versions of DivX video, including secure, video-on-demand content from DivXNetworks’ content partners.

The KiSS DP-1500 is slated to ship to dealers this month at $350 suggested retail price.