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Kindle Owners Spend More on

Chicago – Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) confirmed what Amazon had always planned, that a Kindle will help drive sales.

The CIRP study found that Kindle owners spend about $1,233 per year on the site, compared to $790 for other Amazon customers. These results are based on a CIRP report based on a survey of 300 people who made a purchase on Amazon for the three month period ending Nov. 15.

CIRP discovered about 40 percent of Amazon customers own one of the various Kindle products for a total installed base of 20.5 million Kindle units. Of those owners 19 percent had a Kindle Fire, 12 percent owned a Kindle reader and 9 percent had both models.

Kindle owners are more likely to shop more widely on the site with 51 percent indicating they have bought from more than seven Amazon departments, compared to 35 percent of those without a Kindle.