Kid-Oriented Kajeet Readies Android Phones


Besthesda. Md. - Prepaid MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)


, which targets the kids market, is rolling out its first Android smartphones, all featuring an online service that lets parents block inappropriate web content.

Kajeet, which sells its phones and service at and, markets phones with online parental controls and "kid-friendly features," the company said. Parental controls include the ability to manage what numbers each phone can call and text, the times of day that a phone can be used, and who pays for such specific services as game or ringtone downloads. Kajeet's phones are also equipped with GPS Phone Locator service, enabling parents to track their child's location on a map.

With the new Smart Blocker parental control, parents can prevent their kids' Kajeet-supplied Android phones from accessing sites with adult content, profanity, illegal activities, online chat, games and/or social-networking websites, among other categories, all based on selections made by the parent, the company said.

Kajeet said it is the only wireless service provider offering web-browsing controls.

The company's first Android smartphones will be available on Nov. 11, including the $299 LG Optimus S, $329 Kyocera Milano, $338 Samsung Replenish, $399 Samsung Conquer and $439 Evo Shift.


began selling prepaid phones and service

with parental controls in early 2007. It resells Sprint 3G service.


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