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Key Digital Highlights Next-Gen HD Leeza

Key Digital Systems, the Riverdale, N.Y.-based video “solutions” developer for retailers and high-end HDTV enthusiasts, will use CEDIA Expo to highlight a next-generation integrated digital video scaler that recently started shipping to dealers.

Called the “HD Leeza” (KD-HD1080p), the scaler offers expanded digital inputs, including DVI in/out and SDTV and HDTV up-, down- and cross-conversion. Key Digital said the new product will expand on the connection package of the previous HD Leeza model, with two DVI/HDCP, one Digital SDI 270Mb/s, two component video, one RGBHV (with pass-through), two S-Video and two composite video inputs.

Key Digital said it designed the new unit as “a sophisticated and reliable digital backbone to any home theater, commercial or retail installation.” It will scale all popular HDTV and SDTV input formats (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i/540p and 1080p). It will also accept and convert international video source material in the PAL, SECAM and NTSC analog formats.

Carrying a $3,999 suggested retail price, the new HD Leeza is billed as “the first affordable SDI solution for 270Mb/s connection.” The unit will de-interlace standard 480i/60 or 576i/50 for the high-quality images. It is also the only digital scaler offering true all-digital throughput via DVI or SDI inputs and DVI output.

“This digital connectivity eliminates any noise contamination of the original luminance and chrominance source material in the analog domain,” Key Digital said.

The built-in scaler provides signal outputs in the most common native resolutions, including 640 by 480, 720 by 480, 852 by 480, 1024 by 512, 800 by 600, 960 by 540, 1920 by 540, 852 by 576, 1280 by 720, 1024 by 768, 1280 by 768, 1366(5) by 768, 1024 by 768, 1280 by 768, 1366(5) by 768, 1280 by 960, 1024 by 1024, 1280 by 1024, 1365 by 1024, 1400 by 1050 and 1920 by 1080.

An RS232 port equipped with discrete command protocols is added for compatibility with all Creston control systems. The unit weighs less than 15 pounds and is designed to fit a 2U rack. It uses a user-friendly onscreen display, which provides details of the unit’s function, and a programmable IR remote simplifies setup. Customers can upgrade firmware over the Internet, and all HD Leeza units are backed by a two-year warranty on all parts and labor.

The new HD Leeza has a manufacturer’s suggested list price of $3,999 and was shipping in July 2003.