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Kenwood Supplies Smart Fortwo Cars

Long Beach, Calif.
– Kenwood USA
announced it is now providing upgrade A/V-navigation options for Smart Fortwo “mini” cars.

In an unusual OEM alliance, the Kenwood program also includes
select Kenwood dealers. When a customer orders a Kenwood A/V-navigation system
for a Smart Fortwo car, one of dozens of Kenwood dealers will install the
product and provide post-sale service to the Smart dealers and customers.

“We believe the involvement of our selected Kenwood dealers is a
huge benefit to Smart USA,” said Kenwood consumer electronics senior VP Keith
Lehmann.  “The products are
professionally installed by Kenwood specialists, the systems are consistent
across the country, and all carry the same standard two-year/24,000-mile
warranty as the Smart Fortwo. As Smart USA expands its market presence in the U.S.,
we intend on continuing adding value to their program for the benefit of their
dealers and their customers.”

All Kenwood entertainment/navigation systems under this program
have a pre-negotiated, installed price that is identical across the country,
said Kenwood. 

The Smart Fortwo car is an ultra-low-emissions vehicle that
offers 41 mpg (highway) and is manufactured by Daimler AG.  The vehicle is a small 8.8 feet long, 5.1
feet tall and 5.1 feet wide, but it comes equipped with many features found in
luxury cars.  More than 1 million Smart Fortwos
have been sold since 1998.  The cars, at
$12,000 to $21,000, are sold in the U.S. by Smart USA, a subsidiary of Penske
Automotive Group.

Customers can reserve and custom build their Smart Fortwo with
the Kenwood entertainment/navigation system at or through 76 Smart USA
dealers nationwide.

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