Kenwood Launches Navigation Rebate Program

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Long Beach, Calif. - Kenwood teamed up with Garmin again to launch this year's version of an annual rebate program on in-dash navigation systems that incorporate Garmin technology.

 The program provides $100 mail-in rebates to consumers who buy one of three systems between May 1 and July 31. The intent is to step consumers up from "a bare bones in-dash model, or portable GPS unit, or even a smartphone application into a full-featured premium navigation/entertainment system," said sales VP Dave Hoag.

 For the program, Kenwood dealers receive in-store merchandising kits as well as digital marketing materials, including web banners and co-branded e-mail promotion templates. The materials will be supported by a national advertising campaign.

  Dealers can create their own ads by downloading digital merchandising materials from marketing company Revenew Systems, customize them with their logo and location information, place them on their Facebook page and web site, and distribute them via their email database, Kenwood said.

 The $100 rebates apply to the $1,800-suggested DNX9990HD, $1,500 DNX6990HD, and $1,200 DNX7190HD.

 In last year's rebate program, the company offered a $300 rebate on a $2,000-suggested system and a $100 rebate on a $1,200 system and $1,100 system.


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