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Kenwood, Garmin Repeat Nav Promotion

Long Beach, Calif. – Kenwood and
Garmin teamed up again to launch a consumer rebate program, which is targeted
to three Kenwood in-dash AV-navigation units that incorporate Garmin

 This year’s rebate program runs from May 1 to
July 31 with rebates ranging from $100 to $300 depending on the model. The
program covers the $2,000-suggested DNX9980HD with $300 rebate, the $1,200
DNX6980 with $100 rebate, and the $1,100 DNX6180 with $100 rebate.

Participating Kenwood dealers get a
merchandising kit containing such in-store materials as a countertop display
with rebate coupons, product “danglers” attached directly to the products on a
dealer display board, a ceiling-hanging mobile, a full-size poster, banner ads
for online promotion, and a web-link to a section of Kenwood’s website for
consumers to download rebate coupons. 

Unlike last year’s promotion, this
year’s promotion includes a QR-code on all printed materials and
advertisements. Consumers who scan the code with a smartphone are directed to
instructional videos and detailed technical specifications and features on a
dedicated portion of Kenwood’s web site.

 The rebate program is “designed to ease the
step from a bare bones in-dash model, or portable GPS unit or even a smartphone
application into a full-featured premium navigation/entertainment system,” said
sales VP Dave Hoag.