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Kenmore Rolls Out Majaps That ‘Talk’ To The Repair Man

Hoffman Estates, Ill. – Kenmore today unveiled Kenmore Connect, a
customer-service technology that enables select washers and dryers to send
real-time diagnostic information directly to the company’s service experts.

A customer seeking service on a Kenmore Connect appliance can
call an 800 number and follow voice prompts to reach a service person. Once
connected, the customer is asked to place the mouthpiece of the phone close to
the appropriate button on the appliance (“Wash/Rinse” for washers and “Temp”
for dryers) and press and hold that button. After three audible beeps, the
customer releases the button while keeping the phone in place. The customer
will hear transmission sounds as the numbers on the display count down. 

Upon completion Kenmore service experts will have all of the
diagnostic information needed to understand and answer questions, suggest
solutions, or provide instructions to help keep the appliance running properly,
the company said, and should an in-home visit be necessary, the technology
ensures the service technician is best prepared to assist customers

“The rollout of Kenmore Connect is another milestone in the
brand’s history of offering its customers best-in-class innovation and
service,” said Guenther Trieb, president, Sears Brands. “Kenmore has a long-standing
reputation for high-quality products. While our products are designed for
durability, there may be times when an appliance needs service or customers
have questions about their products. Kenmore Connect is one more way we strive
to ensure customer satisfaction during the many years our product is in
someone’s home.”

Kenmore said it conducted extensive field testing earlier this
year, and initial results showed a significant reduction in the need for
in-home visits for customers who used Kenmore Connect.

“The genius of Kenmore Connect is that it provides a unique
benefit to our customers who are seeking service solutions,” said Betsy Owens,
Kenmore brand VP. “The majority of service calls during the first year of
ownership can be rectified by educating new owners over the phone once we have
a deep understanding of the question at hand thanks to the information being
sent from their Kenmore appliance directly to our experts via the phone.”

Kenmore added that service experts can effectively monitor more
than 100 different data points to diagnose and assess a solution. This data includes
cycle and option settings; operational information such as air/water
temperature, estimated load size, spin speeds, fill/drain times and unbalanced
load issues; details on the factors that contribute to the cycle time, status
of certain electrical and mechanical sub-systems; and the mechanical issues
associated with each error code.

There is no cost to use the current Kenmore Connect service for
the life of the appliance, and the service is available seven days a week from
7:00 a.m. to 8J) p.m. CT by calling
(800) 4-MY-HOME.

Any out-of-warranty, in-home visits or parts will require an
additional fee.

Kenmore Connect is available on the following top- and front-load
Kenmore and Kenmore Elite washers and dryers:


40311/8, 40441/8, 40512/8, 41022/8/9, 42192/8/9 and 29272/8;


9/80311/8, 9/80441/8, 9/80512/8, 9/81022/8/9, 9/82192/8/9 and 7/69272/8

  For more information on
Kenmore Connect or to watch a demo video on the technology, visit