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Kaleidescape Teams With Terra-SAN

Norwalk, Conn. — Digital media management firm Terra-SAN said it has reached a deal with Kaleidescape to provide bulk importing and replication services of customers’ DVD and CD collections onto Kaleidescape home digital media servers.

Terra-SAN has developed systems to efficiently import consumers’ CD and DVD collections, from 100 to more than 10,000 titles, onto hard drives in Kaleidescape digital media servers. The system gives users secure digital backups that are easy to access and playback using the Kaleidescape hardware and software interface.

Terra-SAN said it is also offering its services to other manufacturers of digital media platforms. In addition, the firm also provides manufacturers and dealers with value-added services, such as hardware sales upgrades.

The company’s systems will import digital files in virtually any format including PCM, WMA or MP3. The firm also plans to add conversion and importing services for digital photography, vinyl records and other analog media, as well as personalized content fulfillment for CDs and DVDs.

“Kaleidescape customers often have hundreds or even thousands of DVDs and CDs in their collections. Importing that content into Kaleidescape Systems often makes bulk loading a necessity,” said Diptish Datta, Kaleidescape, customer operations VP. “Terra-SAN’s content-loading solution is truly valuable, and we look forward to the service and support they will bring to our customer base.”

“We are thrilled to be aligned with such a pivotal leader in home entertainment systems,” said Joel DeGray, Terra-SAN CEO. “Our DVD services save Kaleidescape’s customers and dealers time and effort, allowing them to focus on delivering the best-in-class home entertainment experience.”