Kaleidescape Ships M700 Disc Vault

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Sunnyvale, Calif. -


proved there is more to life in the entertainment server business than fending off lawsuits from content rights holders Tuesday by shipping the M700 Disc Vault with a simplified music and movie upload system.

The M700 Disc Vault will load up to 320 discs into its "precision carousel," Kaleidescape said. The Disc Vault is available now at a $6,000 suggested retail in the United States and Canada. The complete Blu-ray movie server system including the Disc Vault and 1U server carries a $15,990 suggested retail package price.

Once the physical media is loaded in the M700's carousel, the contents are quickly copied onto the Kaleidescape System. Part of Kaleidescape's technology calls for keeping a physical copy of a ripped disc in the system to enable playback, thus preventing movie piracy and, hopefully, assuaging content rights holders' concerns over breaking their encryption in the ripping process.

The process is said to be fully automated, requiring no additional work on the part of the user.

DVDs and CDs may either be ejected or left in the M700 Disc Vault for safe storage and easy accessibility.

The M700 Disc Vault was also designed for simplified system installation.

 It can be expanded with addition of multiple M700 Disc Vaults, and it also adds a front-panel display showing the number of discs stored and available slots, and import progress.

Buttons provide the ability to eject all Blu-ray Discs, all DVDs, all CDs or all discs.

The unit layout contains five rack units of space, holding up to 320 discs.

An integrated Kaleidescape M-Class player plays back movies stored on a Kaleidescape movie server.

The M700 Disc Vault carries a two-year limited warranty, extendable to five years.


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