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K40 Bows Bluetooth Radar Detector

Elgin, Ill. — K40 began shipping this week what it said is the first Bluetooth-enabled wireless radar/laser protection system, according to the company.

The new CALIBRE, K40’s first new radar system in three years, requires only two wires — power and ground — for the front and rear detectors, relying on Bluetooth for its other connections. The company claims it has reduced installation time with the CALIBRE by 50 percent.

Simplifying installation has become a more pressing issue because newer car electrical systems have become increasingly complex, said K40. The CALIBRE also protects dealers from violating new vehicle warranties, because it doesn’t require hole drilling through the firewall, claimed the company.

The CALIBRE offers front and rear Bluetooth receivers that mount behind the front grill and rear bumper. K40 said it improved sensitivity for all police bands over earlier models. The CALIBRE issues a verbal warning when a signal is detected. It is also one of the first wireless detectors to offer a wireless remote control.

The product now comes with a three-year warranty, and it features an optional Laser Defuser laser jammer, also with a Bluetooth interface. The CALIBRE is available in four models ranging from a suggested retail price of $899.95 for a front-only receiver to $1,699.95 for dual front and rear receivers.The optional LD5500 BT Laser Defuser is $318.95.