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JVC Unveils 4 ‘4K’ D-ILA Projectors

Indianapolis –


became the
second manufacturer in less than a 24-hour period to announce its entry into
the super high-definition 4K home-theater projector market during the first day
of CEDIA Expo here Thursday.

The company showed a total of four 4K (3,840 by 2,160 pixel
resolution) D-ILA-based models — two in the Professional systems group’s
Reference Series and two in the mainstream consumer electronics group’s
Procision series. All were said to offer more than four times the resolution of
FullHD 1080p displays.

JVC’s announcement followed by a matter of hours an announcement
that Sony had also thrown its hat into the 4K home theater projector market
with a model based on its SXRD technology. Both SXRD and D-ILA use liquid
crystal on silicon (LCoS) imaging chips. However, Sony’s projector uses a
native 4K SXRD imager, while JVC uses a new up-conversion system called e-Shift
to boost 2K images from the D-ILA chips to the 4K level.

JVC said e-Shift shifts the image vertically and horizontally by
a half-pixel to produce the extra pixels while removing stair-stepping
artifacts and other imperfections that tend to muddy fine details in digitally
processed images.

Like Sony’s projector, all four JVC models were designed to
present both 2D and 3D video, but the e-Shift system does not apply to 3D

JVC also showed four other D-ILA projectors offering FullHD 1080p

The four 4K models are all THX 2D and 3D certified and ship in

They include in the Reference series the DLA-RS65 ($11,995
suggested retail), which offers a 120,000:1 native contrast ratio and the
DLA-RS55 ($7,799), offering an 80,000:1 native contrast ratio. Both models ship
in November.

The Procision series models include the DLA-X90R ($11,999)
offering a 120,000:1 native contrast ratio and the DLA-X70R ($7,995) offering
an 80,000:1 native contrast. 

JVC is including two pairs of active-shutter 3D glasses and three-year
warranties with the top-of-the-line 4K projectors in both the Reference and
Procision lines.

All eight new JVC projectors introduced at the show also include lens
offset focus and zoom memory features to simplify installation.

Other projectors included three 3D-capable FullHD 1080p
projectors with pricing ranging from $3,495 to $4,995, and omit 3D glasses.

JVC Professional also introduced the DLA-F110 (shipping in
September at a $7,495 suggested retail) custom-specific projector featuring a

All models feature 2D-to-3D up-conversion circuitry.