JVC Shows Slim-Cabinet D-ILA TVs


JVC unveiled here a pair of 1,080p HD-ILA rear projection televisions, employing a new light-engine design that enables super slim cabinets suitable for wall mounting.

The Slim HD-ILA series will include the 58W-inch HD-58S998 ($3,299 estimated selling price) and 65W-inch HD-65S998 ($4,199), with cabinet depths of 10.7 and 11.6 inches, respectively.

JVC said the new light-engine design will allow side heat dissipation and side-mounted inputs/outputs to accommodate wall mounting, in a fashion similar to flat-panel TVs, but at reduced cost for big-screen applications.

The sets are also suitable for placement on stands designed for flat- panel TVs.

The new optical engine design uses a concave mirror that allows a wider projection angle, JVC said. This reduces the projection distance by about 40 percent.

As with previous 1,080p D-ILA models, the full 1,920 by 1,080p images will be delivered, using three JVC D-ILA micro devices.

The HD-58S998 is slated to ship to dealers in January, and the HD-65S998 will be available in March.

Meanwhile, JVC unveiled a 1,080p D-ILA front projector for home theater applications.

The DLA-HD1 (shipping in February at $6,299) produces a 15,000:1 native contrast ratio through a new 0.7-inch D-ILA panel and light engine design that does not require an iris.

The company claims this will yield strong black levels, and the "the industry's highest" contrast performance, without sacrificing brightness performance.

The projector will use a 2x Fujinon zoom lens, and can be easily mounted on a ceiling or tabletop. Lens shift is said to be 80 percent vertical and 34 percent horizontal.


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