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JVC Shows 110-Inch H-DLA TV, Hard Drive Camcorder At CEATEC

Chiba, Japan — Victor Company of Japan’s (JVC) CEATEC introductions feature a selection of audio and video products including a sample and a working prototype of a new hard drive based camcorder and a 110-inch H-DLA television.

While the 110-inch model is just a technology statement at this point, the company also showed a 58-inch version that will ship, although a date and price were not announced. JVC is hyping its H-DLA technology as a filler for consumers who are not happy with LCD blurring when playing back high-speed motion and plasma’s problem with showing black.

JVC’s David Gifford, marketing group manager, said the company will expand its LCD line next year. The two units currently available include a 42-inch and 47-inch and an HD version. The company has not yet committed to shipping these new models into the U.S. market.

JVC also announced a new mathematical algorithm that cleans up the sometimes blurry image delivered by LCD when displaying fast moving images. There is no schedule for placing this technology into shipping product.

The Evario hard drive camcorder can record full 1,920 by 1,080 HD images. Hard drive capacity, battery life, pricing and shipping information was not available at the show.

JVC made several technological statements at the show including demonstrating a 4K2K 3D projector that, when used in conjunction with special 3D goggles, will deliver a 3D image on screen. It also showed what the company described as a “super-high” resolution images on its 4K2K D-ILA Projector that delivers an image of 4,096 by 2,190 or about four times the resolution of HD. The company will launch it worldwide in February, pricing was not available.

In the Red Theater, JVC has a sample version of another D-ILA home theater projector combined with its SX-L speaker series. In the same venue the company is hosting discussions on JVC’s K2 audio technology and offering listening demonstrations of its new (sample only) sphere speakers.

Fleshing out JVC’s show lineup is a series of wood cone speakers and a new spherical speaker set. The company will ship the flagship model in this line in November, pricing unavailable, and showed a new concept mode at the show.

Each spherical speaker is about the size of a softball and has a dedicated driver for each of the flat sides. The speakers deliver what JVC calls “omni-directional” sound. Pricing and shipping information were not available.