JVC Pro Adds 2nd 4K2K D-ILA Projector

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Wayne, N.J. -

JVC Professional Products

introduced Wednesday a 10-megapixel (4K2K) ultra-high-definition D-ILA video projector.

Ringing in at just less than $150,000, plus the cost of the lens, the DLA-SH7NLG incorporates three 1.27-inch 4K2K D-ILA display devices for high-quality imaging and dual ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps for 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

The 4K2K D-ILA projector is available now. JVC said it is well-positioned for use in public venues, including planetariums, museums, simulators and medical institutions, as well as high-spec design and monitoring facilities.

The new model joins the JVC DLA-SH4K 4K D-ILA projector, which debuted in January 2008.

Like the earlier model, the DLA-SH7NLG achieves ultra-high resolution of approximately 10 megapixels (4,096-by-2,400 pixels), which is five times the resolution of FullHD 1080p projectors. The unit's native contrast ratio is said to be 10,000:1.

Key features include:

  • the ability to simultaneously display two or four screens in WUXGA (1,920 by 1,200) resolution, using four DVI (Dual-Link) input terminals supporting an array of PC input formats;
  • operational flexibility, including stacking two projectors to display 3D images or installation on a +/- 90-degree tilt; and
  • three different lenses, including short-focus and telescopic models, available for various projection environments.

The DLA-SH7NLG operates on normal AC 100-220V power and consumes less than 1.1 kW. Convergence can be adjusted to 1/10 pixel accuracy via GUI control, and three gamma tables are included. Six test patterns, including a crosshatch and color bars, enable image adjustment without external signal sources.

Projection configuration data is stored and uploaded from a USB memory device. The Ethernet-compatible DLA-SH7NLG can be configured via a PC Web browser, and multiple projectors are networkable for operation via a single PC. Plus, for improved maintenance, emails can be generated automatically to send lamp-replacement reminders and error-status notifications.


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