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JVC To Launch Index-Plus VCR In November

JVC next month will be the first to market a VCR incorporating Gemstar’s Index-Plus video tape management system, both companies announced.

JVC will incorporate the system, created by the developer of the VCR-Plus programming system, in a new top-of-the-line Hi-Fi VHS model, HR-IP829U.

Gemstar said the Index-Plus system will be included in models from Panasonic, RCA, Sanyo and Sharp in early 1996.

Index-Plus is said to automatically register program information, such as title, length and ID number, on a memory chip when a program is recorded.

A directory is created with a built-in library feature that can keep track of up to 400 recorded programs. When recording, the Index-Plus system automatically indexes the start of each taped program and lists its title on an onscreen directory.

The system is also said to simplify timer-recording using an onscreen TV schedule — to be transmitted as Extended Data Service (EDS) information by selected broadcasters.

The JVC deck will carry a $599.95 “nationally advertised price” in November and will also introduce JVC’s proprietary Ultra Spec Drive — a full-loading tape drive mechanism, offering improvements in speed, stability and accuracy, JVC said.