JVC To Launch $20M Ad Campaign

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Wayne, N.J. — JVC will kick off a national $20 million advertising campaign in June that the company said unifies its branding and product effort around the celebrity-driven approach of its current branding program.

The new campaign, comprised of print, radio and Internet elements, brings a unified creative approach to all JVC product and branding ads. It builds upon a national branding campaign unveiled last fall that featured movie, music and sports celebrities. That brand image effort continues this year with some of the same celebrities plus new personalities, and these same celebrities also appear in new product-specific ads.

"This year’s campaign is an evolution of the branding effort we launched last fall," said Karl Bearnarth, marketing VP of JVC Company of America. Last year’s campaign was budgeted at $15 million. "We’ve taken that concept — using celebrities in different fields that appeal to our target demographic — freshened it with some new faces and extended it into our product advertising to present a consistent message across the board."

New additions to the JVC celebrity roster are singer/songwriter Liz Phair and National Hockey League Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky. Other featured celebrities include award-winning filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer of "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" fame, actress Donna D’Errico and rock bands Nickelback and Tantric.

Other celebrities who will continue to appear in branding and product ads include extreme sports athlete Shaun Palmer; Mötley Crüe founding member Nikki Sixx, along with his wife, actress Donna D’Errico, and daughter, Frankie Jean Sixx; singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb; former Doobie Brothers member Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter; and singer/songwriter Bonnie Raitt.

The unified approach to JVC’s advertising follows consolidation of advertising responsibilities within an expanded marketing department. In the past, each of JVC’s five product divisions managed its advertising autonomously. But following the launch of last year’s corporate branding campaign, the decision was made to place all advertising responsibilities within a single, centralized department.

Bearnarth said that the 2004 campaign "presents a consistent creative approach regardless of the product being promoted, and a campaign that is uniquely JVC."

Media will consist of publications in the men’s, women’s, in-flight, business, music fan, musician and entertainment categories, including Blender, Cargo, Continental, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Forbes, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Spin and others. In addition, ads featuring Liz Phair and Nickelback will appear on the JVC billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

Creative ideas for the branding campaign features a celebrity photo portrait with copy describing the celebrity’s use of, and experiences with, JVC products, a tie-in to the company’s tagline, "The Perfect Experience." Product ads also tout the experience JVC products provide and tie a celebrity to a key new JVC product.

In addition to the print advertising, major market radio will support summer tours by Liz Phair, Nickelback and Tantric. Radio advertising also includes on-air ticket and JVC product giveaways. Concert tickets are also used for dealer entertainment.

A fourth quarter Internet campaign is planned for a variety of entertainment and media partner Web sites. Plans have not been finalized as yet.

As part of the campaign, JVC is offering promotional tie-ins with some of its celebrities. Already underway is a sweepstakes offering purchasers of selected JVC camcorders the chance to win a trip for two to a Nickelback concert and backstage passes. Also a CD-with-purchase offer is available for JVC’s Mobile Entertainment Division, offering CDs from Liz Phair, Nickelback, Tantric and others with the purchase of selected JVC car audio products. A major national consumer promotion is planned for later in the year, offering consumers the opportunity to win "a perfect experience," the firm said.


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