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JVC Kicks Off Hi-Def Promo Tour

JVC has launched a national product promotional tour called “Focus on Hi-Def” that is scheduled to hit key fairs, festivals and air shows over the next six months to promote the company’s HDTVs and camcorders.

The tour is an extension of a larger “Focus On” advertising and promotional effort, running this spring through fall, showing consumers how to fit JVC products into their lives.

Karl Bearnarth, JVC marketing senior VP, declined to reveal the budget for the effort, but said it represents a shift in the way JVC is communicating to consumers, by offering two components to its advertising — one designed to appeal to A/V shoppers looking for high-performance products and the other reaching out to consumers who may not have thought about purchasing one of JVC’s products, but might be encouraged to do so by showing them how to integrate the products into their lives.

The A/V shopper portion of the “Focus On” campaign will rely on print and Web ads and a revamped JVC product Web site to sell the performance benefits of HDTVs, camcorders and musical entertainment products, Bearnarth told TWICE.

Similar ads will highlight the lifestyle benefits of the products as JVC attempts to “reach out” to unwitting audiences. For this, JVC is targeting publications that attract consumers that might have an interest in its products, such as magazines and Web sites focused on children, families and sports, for example. Each ad will refer of link readers to JVC’s redesigned Web site for more information.

JVC has upgraded its Web site with comprehensive microsites focused on different product categories. These areas feature Flash-programmed elements that educate visitors on product features, why the features are important, how to connect and use the product with other devices and how to get the best benefits out of their products, Bearnarth said.

An Everio hybrid camcorder microsite, for example, tells consumers what an Everio camcorder is and shows users how to use it for maximum results and enjoyment.

Bearnarth said the Focus On Hi-Def tour is an example of the outreach portion of the campaign.

The JVC tour will include a pair of traveling showrooms that provide consumers hands-on demonstrations of some of the company’s newest products.

JVC has outfitted two different vehicles the tour — a 48-foot double expandable tractor trailer truck will hit the largest events. A mobile two-story JVC pavilion will serve smaller events. The tour schedule includes nearly 50 events in 24 states, with a combined attendance of about 11.5 million.

“The best way to get people excited about our products is to give them the opportunity to play with them. So hands-on experience with JVC TVs and camcorders is a key part of our marketing strategy this year,” said Bearnarth. “Another focus is education — showing people how to get the most enjoyment from our products.”

The tour will provide both hands-on product experience combined with interactive demonstrations that focus on the ‘how-to’ of our products.”

The JVC “Focus On Hi-Def” tour kicks off this month and runs through November. Because each stop will have a localized appeal, JVC will partner with a dealer nearest to each event allowing them to distribute in the tour vehicle limited time coupons for customers that want to purchase one of the products they see, Bearnarth said.

Both vehicles feature exhibits and demonstrations focusing on JVC’s flat-panel LCD televisions, 1080p D-ILA front video projector and Everio hard drive camcorders.

A home theater room features a demonstration of JVC’s recently introduced DLA-HD1 video projector, another area features JVC’s line of 1080p flat-panel LCD TVs, and there’s a separate section showcasing Everio camcorders, including the new GZ-HD7 high-definition model.

Interactive presentations include a demonstration of how easy it is to shoot, edit and share video footage shot with a JVC Everio camcorder, and a touch-screen quiz to help consumers select the best TV for their home.

To help drive consumers to the JVC exhibit, two Segway personal transporters are equipped as mobile Everio demonstration vehicles, with on-board LCD TV and an Everio Share Station with a dedicated DVD burner for use with Everio camcorders.

The Segways will cruise the event grounds, demonstrating Everio camcorders and encouraging people to visit the JVC exhibit. JVC will loan camcorders out to visitors and encourage them to taped the festivals. JVC will burn the videos to a DVD that the visitors can take home.

Tour stops will include the San Diego County Fair, the Arizona State Fair, the Miramar Air Show at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the Columbus (Ohio) Jazz & Rib Fest and the Jacksonville (Fla.) Sea & Sky Spectacular, among others.

In a related promotion, JVC said it has partnered with Athlon college football sporting publications on a “best team spirit” contest, awarding cheer teams of major schools an opportunity to be recognized as having the best spirit. Winners will be awarded JVC products.