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JVC Intros 3 in 1 Recorder/Player

New York — JVC announced a slew of new audio and video products here yesterday, including the company’s first three-in-one video recorder player.

The DR-MX1S features a DVD burner, VHS deck and a 160GB hard drive, allowing consumers a variety of recording and viewing options. All three functions can be used separately, or the end user can record to DVD or tape a program stored on the hard drive, which features basic PVR functionality.

The DVD burner uses DVD-RAM and DVD-R/-RW media and JVC’s DVD Navigation software that can store information for about 2,000 recorded programs, and it displays a thumbnail image of what is on the DVD for quick reference. The DR-MX1S also features JVC’s Super MPEG Pre and Post Processor that can boost image quality and a 1394 port.

The unit will ship in September with a $1,299 suggested retail price.

The company also introduced two new digital VHS players, the HM-DT100 and HM-DH5. The former model, shipping in August with a $1,499 suggested retail price, features an integrated HDTV receiver, High-Definition Multimedia Interface, four hour HDTV digital broadcast bit-stream recording/playback with DF-480 tape, 5.1 channel Dolby Digital and all basic analog VHS HiFi features.

The HM-DH5, shipping in July with a $799 suggested retail price, retains all the features of the HM-D100, but drops the HDTV receiver.

In addition to these announcements, JVC firmed up the ship dates and pricing of some units that were announced in January at CES.

In the company’s HD-ILA microdisplay line the HD-52Z795 and HD-61Z795 will ship in October with respective suggested retail prices of $4,999 and $5,999. Both units have integrated/CableCARD and 1394 ports.

In car audio the company’s AV-7000 5.1 channel in dash multimedia center will ship during the fourth quarter with a $1,799 suggested price tag, it was originally listed at $1,599. The KD-SHX900 will ship in July with a $799 suggested price, down from the initial $849.