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JVC Expands Digital TV Line, DVD Lines

Expanded DVD and digital TV lines mark some of the new product announcements JVC plans to make here this week, at its product showcase at the Mandalay Bay Casino during International CES.

While pricing and/or shipment dates were not available at press time, JVC did say that among the planned announcements are new HDTV products. JVC plans to offer 12 HDTV-capable monitors this year including three direct-view CRT models; two plasma display panels and seven widescreen 16:9 CRT-based rear-projection TV monitors. The plasma models will mark some of the first to be sold by the company’s consumer products group. Previously, plasma panels had been sold by the professional display products company.

The lone widescreen direct view model will feature a 34W-inch screen size and will include 1500i capability using JVC’s previously announced Digital Image Scaling Technology.

In DVD players, JVC will introduce five models as part of newly restyled slim-cabinet model line.

All models will be compatible with DVD-R/-RW, CD-R/RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD-DA, VCD/SVCD, and MP3 formats. Other common features include: 10-bit/54MHz video D/A converters; 24bit/192MHz audio D/A converters; new graphical user interface; video fine processor, one-touch replay, coaxial/optical digital out; AV Compulink; Variable Search (Forward/Reverse 2X Pro-search); Quick Play Scan; Quick Start; and Screen Fill.

Model XV-NA70, which is slated for a summer release, includes DVD-Audio compatibility, progressive scan video output, JPEG image playback from CD-Rs, a 12-bit/108MHz video DAC, built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoders and DTS 2-channel decoding.

Model XV-N50, which will ship in the spring, offers an illuminated front panel, compatibility with Windows Media Audio (WMA) files, and a glow remote.

Model XV-M5GBK, which is due in the second quarter, features a five-disc tray type disc changer, progressive scan, JPEG, MP3 and WMA compatibility, AV Scan (1.4x playback with audio), and multi-brand remote.

Model XV-N40, which ships in March, offers progressive scan, JPEG playback From CD-R, and AV Scan (1.4x playback with audio).

Model XV-N30 will ship in the first quarter and includes 10-bit/54MHz DACs, DVD-R/-RW, CD-R/RW, and MP3 playback.

JVC will also offer two new DVD/VCR combo units. The HR-XVC20US, will ship in February, and the HR-XVC25US, which adds progressive scan output, will ship in the April-May timeframe.