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JVC Enters PC Market With A Subnotebook

Wayne, N.J. — JVC Company of America plans to market its first PC in the U.S., a subnotebook PC incorporating Intel Centrino mobile technology, Microsoft Windows XP Professional and a built-in DVD-ROM and CD-R/RW drive.

The JVC MP-XV841 Mobile Mini Note PC, which goes on sale in the United States in June, is designed for the mobile professional who demands high performance and versatility in a compact, lightweight subnotebook PC, the company said. With battery, it weighs 3 pounds and 4 ounces and fits on a letter-sized sheet of paper with 1-3/4 inches to spare, JVC said.

JVC is no stranger to selling PCs in other markets, but this is a first in the United States. The unit will be sold through its traditional distribution and some additional outlets, but no firm plans have been set as of yet, the company said.

The subnotebook plays back both DVD and CD formats with its integrated drive. Its Intel Centrino mobile technology provides Wi-Fi Certified wireless communication and extended 6.7-hour battery life.

Advanced video/graphics technologies and efficient application software make the most of the Centrino technology’s efficiency, and smooth integration with the Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium M processor 1GHz enables fast data processing, JVC said.

Other MP-XV841 features include 256MB of standard memory (expandable to 768MB), a fast 2.5-inch 4200 rpm 40GB hard disk drive and an 8.9-inch Clear LCD monitor.

For entertainment uses while on the go, the MP-XV841 features WinDVD 5 for DVD movie playback, along with Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 and RealOne Player. Front-mounted, finger-touch controls for DVD/CD functions, volume, surround sound and display settings allow the PC to function like a portable DVD player.

WinDVD 5 provides Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone high-quality surround sound engaged by a key just below the LCD monitor, and the battery yields enough power to watch a three-hour DVD, the company said.

Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 and RealOne Player feature advanced audio/video playback and connectivity features for easy downloading from the Internet. In addition, the MP-XV841 records CD-R, CD-RW and VCD to create backup copies of important files and other data, and lets users record video content downloaded from Web sites or captured with digital camcorders. To edit digital video, the PC comes with Pinnacle Studio 9 SE editing software that offers pro-style non-linear video editing via i.LINK. Windows Movie Maker 2 is also included for easy movie creation.

The unit’s Windows Media Player 9, using JVC’s Transport Stream Decoder, plays high-resolution progressive high-definition digital video .m2t video files shot with JVC’s GR-HD1 and JY-HD10U high-definition camcorders. The 16:9 digital video plays smoothly in a window on the PC’s high-resolution widescreen display, the firm said.

JVC’s proprietary CC (Compression Compensative) Converter technology improves resonance and presence of all sound sources, and boosts playback quality of MP3 and WMA files, the company said.

The PC’s Intel Centrino mobile technology has Wi-Fi Certified IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN (WLAN) for wireless connectivity to the Internet, office LAN networks or anywhere there is a public wireless LAN service.

Intel Centrino technology automatically adjusts and powers down to preserve battery life whenever possible. The MP-XV841’s external battery provides up to 6.7 hours of PC operation and playback of a full three-hour DVD movie.

For smooth results when connected to the Internet, viewing DVDs and editing digital video footage, the MP-XV841 features the Ultra Low Voltage Intel Pentium M Processor 1GHz matched with a 400MHz bus.

The JVC Mobile Mini Note PC’s 8.9-inch wide Clear LCD monitor benefits from a dramatic reduction of internal diffusion from ambient light. It pans up to 2,048 by 1,536 with 16.77 million colors — about 2.5 times the height and twice the width of the 1,024 by 600 display.

The new subnotebook’s two USB2.0 ports features a 480Mbps data transfer rate, and the i.LINK IEEE 1394 interface enables streamlined video editing, the company said.

The JVC MP-XV841 will be available in June and have what it calls a “nationally advertised value” of $2,399.