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JVC America Joins Blu-Ray Disc Assoc.

Hollywood, Calif. – The Victor Company of Japan, parent company to JVC of America, became the latest company to formally announce that it has joined the newly created Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA).

The announcement followed by a week a decision by Twentieth Century Fox to join the BDA’s board to help set final specifications for the next-generation high-definition optical disc format, without fully committing to actually use the system.

The BDA was created to broaden the opportunities for other companies to help develop, promote and establish Blu-ray Disc as an industry standard for high-definition optical storage.

“We joined the Blu-ray Disc Association because Blu-ray Disc is the better technology for content owners and consumers,” said Masahiko Tsuruta, JVC corporate R&D associate director. “And if you look at the number of companies supporting Blu-ray Disc, and who they are, it’s also clear the consumer electronics industry is firmly behind the Blu-ray Disc format.”

Members of the BDA recently concluded a series of meetings that were attended by some 200 companies, with 70 companies expressing interest in working with the BDA, the group said.

“JVC’s decision to join in the development and promotion of the Blu-ray Disc format adds to the tremendous support we enjoy within the consumer electronics industry,” said Maureen Weber, BDA chief spokesperson and HP Optical Storage Solutions Business General Manager. “We expect many, many more companies representing all segments of the consumer-electronics, PC and optical media industries to soon join them as members of the BDA.”