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JL Audio Readies Biggest Launch In Years

Fla. – JL Audio will ship 41 new 12-volt products in the first and second
quarters to mark the company’s biggest 12-volt launch in years.

Many of
the 12-volt products are enclosed passive subwoofers and subwoofer drivers
designed to pack more sound into tight spaces.

introductions include:

  • eight
    Stealthbox enclosed passive subwoofers custom-fitted to blend in with a specific
    vehicle’s interior contours to take up less usable space and deliver a stock

  • five
    compact shallow-depth enclosed passive subwoofers, four in the company’s first TW3
    PowerWedge series for trucks and other small vehicles and one in the MicroSub
    series of even-smaller enclosures;

  •  the
    first three StealthMod OEM-upgrade packages designed for specific vehicles;
  • an Evolution
    C3 series convertible two-way component speaker, this one for Japanese vehicles
    that don’t accept 6.5-inch speakers;

  • two
    Wedge enclosed passive subwoofers with new cosmetics compared to the models
    they replace;

  • eight
    subwoofer drivers, some designed for compact enclosures and some with shallow
    mounting depths, including a 13.5-inch model with a mounting depth of only 2.63

  •  three
    marine speakers, including a model for wakeboard-tower mounting and JL’s largest
    marine coaxial speaker with 8.8-inch woofer;
  • three
    Slash v3 amplifiers, which include two Class D monoblock amps that deliver 20
    percent more output than their Class D predecessors in the same-size chassis;

  • two
    marine speakers.

In its Stealthbox series, the company is expanding its
selection of more than 140 custom-fitted enclosures models to add eight models
priced from $599 to $1,799. Some models are for the 2010-11 versions of
vehicles for which JL offered Stealthboxes in previous model years, and some
are for vehicles that JL hadn’t previously designed models.

The models are designed for the 2010-and-up Honda Crosstour,
1998-2004 Porsche 911, 2011-and-up Hyundai Elantra, 2011-and-up Dodge Durango,
2011-and-up VW Jetta, 2011-and-up Camaro, 2008 through 2012 four-cylinder Volkswagen
CC, and 2008-and-up Toyota Sequoia. The Crosstour model fits into the hatch’s
passenger-side rear corner, and the Porsche model mounts between the rear seats
on the cargo shelf.

In its
StealthMod series, three systems have been unveiled, one each for the Kia Soul,
Camaro convertible and BMW X5 with premium OEM sound system. Prices range from
a suggested $1,449 to $2,399.

StealthMod system is designed to upgrade each vehicle’s factory system with
minimal modification, with little visual impact on the car’s interior, and with
no need for an installer to design an upgrade from scratch. Each system comes
with component speakers, amplifier with remote level control, and all wiring,
brackets and adapters, including the OEM head-unit interface, the company said.

rectangular enclosed subwoofers, four new shallow-mount models in the TW3
PowerWedge series are priced from a suggested $399 to $449. Two models feature
10-inch drivers, and two feature 12-inch drivers. The smallest measures 12.5
inches by 19.13 inches by 6 inches. The largest is 15.25 inches by 23.63 inches
by 4.88 inches.

To its
MicroSub series of smaller enclosed subwoofers, the company is adding the $259
CP106LG-W3v3 with 6.5-inch driver in a 9.625-inch by 14.13-inch by 5.13-inch
enclosure. It joins two other MicroSubs, including a $599 model with dual
8-inch drivers in an 11-inch by 35.5-inch by 5.13-inch enclosure.

In the
Evolution CS series of coaxial speakers that convert to component speakers, JL
is adding the $529/pairCS-600 with 6-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter for
Japanese vehicles that don’t accept 6.5-inch drivers. It comes with outboard
crossover, JL Audio said.

mounting in tight spaces, JL is launching five shallow-depth subwoofer drivers
from $189 to $649 each. One is the 13.5-inch $649 13TW5v2 with 2.63-inch
mounting depth. It’s optimized for small sealed enclosures with only 0.8-cubic
feet of volume. It replaces a 13.5-inch model and adds 13 percent more linear
excursion and availability in 2- and 4-ohm single-voice-coil versions.

At more
mainstream price points, two shallow-depth TW3 subs are priced at $349 and $399
each for 10-inch and 12-inch models, respectively. Mounting depth is a
respective 3.25 inches and 3.5 inches. The former requires a sealed box with
0.5 cubic feet of volume, and the latter is optimized for a 0.75-cubic-foot

other shallow-depth, small-enclosure subs in the W1v3 series are priced even
lower at $189 and $209 for a 10-inch and 12-inch model, respectively. Compared
to their predecessors, they feature 25 percent larger motor structure that
increases mounting depth by only 0.1 inch and delivers a 20 percent boost in
linear excursion.

small enclosures but with deeper mounting depths, JL is adding a new size to
its WX sub lineup. The $79 8-inch 8WXv2 with 4.28-inch mounting depth is
optimized for a sealed 0.375-cubic-foot enclosure.

other small-enclosure subs with deeper mounting depths are the $599 10-inch
10W6v3 and $699 12-inch 12W6v3. The former features 6.89-inch depth and optimization
for a 0.625-cubic-foot enclosure, while the latter features 7.52-inch depth and
optimization for a 1.25-cubic-foot enclosure. Compared to their predecessors,
they feature larger moiré powerful motors, greater linear excursion, a more
durable rubber surround, and improved cooling.

other larger enclosed passive subs in the Wedge series at $1,099 and $1,299
feature such cosmetic changes as new charcoal carpet and black insert on the

amps, the company is launching three new Slash v3 series amps, including two
Class D monoblock amps delivering 20 percent more power than their Class D
predecessors. The $699 model delivers 600 watts at 1.5-4 ohms, and the $1,299
model delivers 1,200 watts.

In the
marine market, three new speakers include the company’s largest coaxial with
8.8-inch woofer at $599/pair in white or $609/pair in titanium. Also new are
two speaker pairs intended for mounting on wakeboard towers or other tubular
structures. Both coaxial models feature 7.7-inch woofer at $599 and $799/pair.