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JL Audio Offers To Retrofit Eclipse Displays

Fla. –

JL Audio

is offering its
authorized autosound retailers the opportunity to change over their Eclipse car
audio displays to JL Audio displays.

recently left the U.S. retail aftermarket, leaving dealers with Eclipse-badged
displays filled with Eclipse head units, speakers and amps. JL is offering free
upgrade kits for the displays as well as demo pricing and terms for JL products
placed in the displays.

When an
authorized JL dealer purchases display products under the company’s standard
demo terms, the dealer gets a JL Audio logo medallion and mounting fixture to
replace the Eclipse display’s signage, a trim piece that highlights a JL Audio
XD400/4 four-channel amplifier, and graphics.

also get a ported subwoofer enclosure tuned for the 12W3v3 subwoofer. Dealers
can install a selection of head units of their own choosing to connect to the
JL products for live demos, the company said.