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JBL Speaker Provides Flexible Placement

A first-of-its-kind indoor/outdoor surface-mount speaker from JBL features a quarter-round shape for installation almost anywhere in and around a house.

The Control Now speaker features a 0.75-inch tweeter flanked by a pair of 4-inch woofers on a quarter-round baffle. The back of the enclosure is angled, allowing for horizontal installation in the corner of a wall, vertical installation on a wall up against the ceiling, and vertical or horizontal mounting on a shelf. When corner-mounted on a wall, the speaker provides omnidirectional dispersion.

In other mounting options, two of the speakers can be snapped together to create a single-point stereo speaker. Four can be connected to create a circle of speakers that can be hung from a ceiling on an optional pole-mount bracket or on standard ceiling-fan poles.

When two are snapped together in a semicircle, the pair delivers single-point stereo with wide coverage. When four are snapped together in a circle, they can be hung from a ceiling in an outdoor cabana or other room.

Two versions are available. The Control Now with a black finish retails for a suggested $249 each, and the Control NowW AW outdoor version with white finish is $279 each.