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JBL Adds 2 Home-Theater Speaker Packages

Stamford, Conn. – JBL has added two 5.1 home-theater speaker packages at suggested $299 and $399.

With the launch of the $249 system, JBL is starting its speaker packages at a lower price point, having offered a $399 package that is now on sale on its website at $249.

The $399 JBL Cinema 610 Sound System features two-way main speakers, including a dedicated two-way horizontal center channel, all with dual 3-inch woofers and 0.5-inch tweeter. They go with the included 8-inch 100-watt maximum powered subwoofer. System frequency response is 38Hz to 20kHz. Recommended maximum power to the 8-ohm satellites is 100 watts. The satellites can be installed vertically and horizontally. They are also wall-mountable

 The $299 JBL Cinema 510 Sound System features five main speakers, each with a 3-inch full-range driver, and a 6.5-inch 60-watt max powered subwoofer. Recommended maximum amp power to the 8-ohm satellites is 100 watts. System frequency response is 46Hz to 20kHz.

Meanwhile, the brand is phasing out a trio of 5.1 speaker systems. They consist of the $399 package now on sale $249 and two others priced originally at $1,099 and $749 and now retailing on JBL’s website for $349 and $346, respectively. The three systems “have been in the JBL assortment for quite a long time [and] are out of sync with where most of the consumer velocity resides these days,” a spokesman said.