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Jaton Debuts Power Amps, Preamps

Jaton is launching the class A high-performance power amplifier AP1400M series and a RC7000P 7.1-channel surround-sound preamp receiver during International CES. The company can be found at the Venetian Hotel, suite 30-222.

The AP1400M amplifier is designed in three different models — 120×5, 300×2, and 500 watts mono.

The amp also features signal processing, and noise reduction with a special filter circle that eliminates almost 100 percent of noise, giving users a crystal-clear audio experience, Jaton claimed.

The THD level is below –70 dB when input signal goes up. This means users don’t hear any noise from their speakers after turning the volume to maximum and pause the music playing, the firm said.

The RC7000P preamp receiver decodes the digital PCM 24 bits audio input signal to a 7.1 surround sound output. It also can be changed to connect to three different rooms. The built-in a +6 dB video signal enhancement is another feature of the RC7000P preamp receiver. Pricing and shipment dates will be available during CES.