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Jasco Rolls Out PC Headset/Mike Solution At CEDIA

A new line of GE-brand PC headsets and microphones, said to offer value-added features for both retailers and consumers, was unveiled by Jasco Products here at CEDIA.

Called an industry first by Jasco, the line offers PC headsets with a detachable microphone that doubles as headphones. The detachable microphone also works as stand-alone laptop or desktop microphones.

The PC headset line, designed to offer a “perfect versatile solution at attractive price points,” allows retailers to consolidate SKUs for PC headsets, stereo headphones and PC microphones into one product, for more efficient use of valuable retail plan-o-gram space, said Jasco.

Retailers have the option of eliminating redundant SKUs, where the only difference between products is whether or not a unit has the microphone, thus creating space for additional items that will generate plus sales, continued Jasco.

Jasco sees the GE headset line allowing consumers to eliminate the need to carry both a PC headset for use with a laptop, as well as a stereo headphone for use with an MP3 player, since the GE headsets offer both functions.

Three SKUs in the new Jasco line include the two-in-one microphone, model HO98950, which works as a standard microphone with base and 6 feet of cord. A detachable tip on the microphone gives consumers a portable microphone for use with laptops or voice recorders, Suggested retail is $14.99.

A foldable three-in-one headset, model HO98970, works as a traditional PC stereo headset with microphone for Internet chats, VoIP or interactive gaming. The microphone can be detached for use as a stereo headphone to go with digital audio players such as iPods, MP3 players or DVD players. The microphone can be connected directly to a laptop for voice recognition. Suggested retail is $24.99.

A deluxe four-in-one headset, model HO98980, is similar to the foldable three-in-one product, but includes a microphone stand with a 6-foot cable for use as a stand-alone desktop microphone. It includes a full-size ergonomic headphone and offers 40mm drivers , said Jasco. Suggested retail is $29.99.