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Jasco Expands GE Licensing Deal

Oklahoma City — Jasco Products has entered into a an agreement with GE Trademark Licensing, which grants Jasco the license to market and sell GE-brand consumer lighting fixtures, wiring devices, home automation products, surge protection outlets, power strips and other products formerly marketed by GE Home Electric Products, based in Cleveland.

Jasco’s territory includes the United States, Canada, Mexico and most countries in Central and South America.

The new agreement, which goes into effect on April 30, will add a full complement of electrical products to the GE-brand consumer electronics accessories Jasco already markets, which include accessories products for computers, televisions, audio/video equipment and telecommunications.

Through the new licensing agreement, Jasco said it will become a ‘complete name-brand resource’ for wired and wireless electrical and electronic connectivity and transmitting devices for the home.