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iSuppli Eyes LED Growth

Despite the economic downturn, worldwide demand for LED technology, boosted by demand for LED-based LCD TVs, is expected to grow in 2009, according to a new report for iSuppli.

The market-research firm said LEDs are expected to see a 2.9 percent revenue increase in 2009, following 10.8 percent growth in 2008, as the overall semiconductor market declines by 9.4 percent.

“Although a 2.9 percent increase is only a moderate rise by the standards of the semiconductor industry, any revenue growth at all this year will be a remarkable accomplishment.” stated Dale Ford, iSuppli market intelligence services senior VP

LEDs are used in LCD TVs to illuminate the display. Most LCDs traditionally have used CCFLs as the backlight source. However, the declining prices of LEDs are making them a viable competitor to CCFLs.

The global LCD TV market in 2009 will use $163 million worth of LEDs, up 221.9 percent from $51 million in 2008, according to iSuppli. By 2012, LCD-TV LED revenue will grow to $1.4 billion, a nearly nine-time expansion from 2009.