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iSimple Unveils 2 New OEM-Integration Kits

LAS VEGAS — iSimple, an Aamp of America brand, has upgraded its iSimple Gateway OEM-integration kit with the addition of stereo Bluetooth and a USB connection, both of which can be used to play back music from smartphones and tablets running the iOS or Android operating systems.

The new kit, called iSimple Connect, is available at a suggested $229.

The company is also launching a Bluetooth kit that adds Bluetooth hands-free calling and stereo Bluetooth to most OEM sound systems via FM modulator. Called InSeam, it’s the brand’s first such Bluetooth/FM-modulator kit with Siri compatibility and the brand’s first such kit to enable steering-wheel control of the basic functions of Internet radio apps running on a Bluetooth- connected device.

The $169-suggested In- Seam is expected to ship later this year.

The iSimple Connect is available for select General Motors (ISGM651) and Toyota (ISTY651), but versions for other GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen vehicles are planned.

Like its predecessor, iSimple Connect lets users stream music from iPhones, iPods and iPads through a factory sound system and control song selection via the factory radio controls, including steering-wheel-mounted controls. Also like its predecessor, consumers can add and control a satellite-radio receiver via an optional cable or add and control the company’s NuRadio HD Radio tuner.

With the new kit’s dash-mounted USB port and builtin MP3 decoder, users can now browse and play back music from a USB-connected thumb drive and from USB-connected Android phones running in mass-storage mode. The USB’s 2.1-amp charging capability will also charge USB-connected smartphones and tablets.

Smartphones and tablets can also be connected via stereo Bluetooth to stream their stored music files through a factory sound system.

To add Bluetooth hands-free and Bluetooth stereo to most factory systems, the InSeam uses an FM modulator to inject audio from a mobile Bluetooth device into the factory system’s FM tuner. The kit lets factory sound systems play back music stored on Bluetooth devices and play back audio from the devices’ apps.

The kit’s Bluetooth AVRCP enables factory steering-wheel controls to wirelessly select music stored on a Bluetooth-connected phone or tablet and to control basic functions of Internet radio apps. RDS sends song title, artist data and caller ID info to the radio’s display.

Via included hands-free microphone, the kit lets users access an Apple device’s Siri voice-command feature and an Android device’s voice-command feature.