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iSimple Debuts 2 FM Transmitters

Clearwater, Fla. – iSimple has debuted two FM transmitters, one with a
minijack input and the other designed for use with iPods and iPhones.

ISFM31, also called the JamKast, is engineered as a universal, plug-and-play
model. It has a 3.5mm minijack input and a 12-volt car charger.

ISFM71, also called JamKast iP, is meant for use with iPods and iPhones. It has
a car charger adapter with two USB inputs.

Both are
currently available at iSimple’s Web site
and are scheduled to be in other retailers before the  holidays.

JamKast, which can also be used with iPods as well as Zunes, Zens and
BlackBerrys, has a $49.95 suggested retail. It is used by plugging the 3.5mm
minijack input into a media player, and then plugging the 12-volt power plug
into the vehicle’s lighter port. Users then activate the built-in dTect
technology – or manually tune the JamKast via its backlit LED display – and set
the car stereo to the displayed channel.

JamKast iP ($79.95 suggested retail) connects to the docking port of any iPod
or iPhone. In addition to broadcasting music to any car stereo, it also sends
song title and artist data that can be viewed on the radio display of
RDS-capable radios. To use, the JamKast iP is connected to the iPod, and the
user activates the dTect technology or manually tunes the JamKast. The car
stereo is then set to the displayed channel.

JamKast iP also comes with a USB car charger adaptor and USB-to-mini USB cable
that keeps the attached iPod or iPhone charged.

products utilize the company’s PurSound technology, a dynamic digital audio
technology that allows listeners to enjoy crisper treble, smoother mid-tones
and deeper bass, the company said. It also reportedly boosts and regulates
signal strength to reduce background noise or static.

iSimple is
a brand of AAMP of America, a supplier of car and home audio video accessories,
installation supplies and OEM integration solutions.